Jake Owen has a rugged, good-looking mug. So much so that his band decided to replicate it, creatively so, on a pumpkin. Ladies and gentleman, we present the "Jake-o-Lantern!"

Over the weekend, the 'Days of Gold' singer posted an image of a big orange pumpkin with his face on the front. It really does look like Owen, doesn't it? It's uncanny. Instead of having triangle-shaped eyes and teeth carved into its flesh, the pumpkin boasted a serious image of the country singer, with his eyes looking away.

Most Jack-o-lantern's are a bit scary, but Owen looks good as one (of course).

He jokes that he was creeped out by seeing his face in pumpkin form, but somehow, we think his female fans will enjoy it. See the pumpkin handiwork below. It's a shame that Owen won't be able to keep this forever, since pumpkins tend to rot.