Soft-hearted Jake Owen just added a new furry friend to his household. The 'What We Ain't Got' singer was in Baltimore when he came across an adorable pooch that needed his help.

Owen's latest addition could make a great playmate/best friend for his daughter, Pearl, who will turn two on Thanksgiving. Hopefully, it won't take the unnamed pup long to get his bus legs -- Owen has been known to bring his English bulldogs on the road with him.

“Vern was out for a few years,” Owen said in 2011. “We retired him from the road. He became lonesome and ornery. And mean!”

Bulldog Merle has still been on the bus with Owen, who says the dog is “living the life of a desperado" as they roll around the country playing shows. Merle stays up front, and likes to fall asleep in the front lounge.

“Once he passes out, he’s out,” Owen states.

Now it looks like Merle may have a new road buddy to play with while Dad is taking care of business.

Everyone together now: "Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!"

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