Like the great comic character Access, director James Gunn has the unique power to jump between the Marvel and DC Comics universes. He made two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, is currently shooting The Suicide Squad, and will next return to Marvel for Guardians Vol. 3. Gunn’s Suicide Squad sequel may not be the end of his relationship with DC, though.

During a Q&A session his Instagram, Gunn revealed that he had “two” other ideas for DC Comics movies in mind when he was initially approached to direct The Suicide Squad. But then he later clarified on Twitter, saying he had “at least two” ideas for DC movies, but there were “two others” he “seriously considered” when he signed on for the upcoming sequel:

Gunn wouldn’t say what the other possibilities were (when asked what they were, he said “maybe you’ll find out some day (but not today).” Given his predilections for horror, I would guess (with absolutely zero inside information) that Gunn might be a fan of Swamp Thing. I could definitely see him making a movie about that character. As for the other ... uh .... Justice League Dark? LoboMajor Bummer? Who knows. I am curious, though. The Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 6, 2021.

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