Jana Kramer's pregnancy is coming to an end, but she's still been kicking butt on stage (in heels!). The singer admits she's struggled with sickness and is "so ready" to become a mom to her baby girl.

Kramer recently chatted with K92.3 Orlando's AJ and Ashley about her pregnancy, both the good and the bad. With roughly seven weeks to go before Kramer and her hubby Michael Caussin meet their first baby (a girl), she is ready to no longer be pregnant. She got sick recently and broke down over it all.

“After losing some food, I was in the bathroom crying," she tells the radio hosts, while still in good spirits. "I’m like, ‘I don’t want to be pregnant anymore.’”

Even though she's nearing the end of her pregnancy, she's still been performing. Kramer hasn't changed much despite a growing baby in her belly, even if it isn't easy.

“It’s tough. I definitely get out of breath really fast," she says. "We just go a little bit slower than normal in between songs, but we keep it pretty much the same tempo.”

The 31-year-old singer is already planning on getting an epidural, but there is one thing she's not planning on doing. She won't be recording her childbirth because of hospital restrictions — but her husband joked that he had a great idea.

“In the hospital that we’re delivering in, some laws or something — you’re just not allowed to do it," Kramer explains before adding, “My husband’s like, ‘I’m gonna wear a GoPro.’”

We're counting down the days until we get to see the first photo of Kramer's beautiful baby girl (hopefully not from a GoPro)!

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