Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany, is giving back: She recently partnered with Aaron Murphy, a charitable social media star whose foundation, Murphslife, supports those experiencing poverty in South America.

It all started when Murphy met a Salvadoran woman named Carmen, who offered him a cup of coffee for free when he didn't have any money. Her small act of kindness didn't go unnoticed, and Murphy enlisted a foundation to help her achieve her dream of opening a restaurant. With the help of donations from his followers on Instagram, Murphy gave Carmen the commercial fridge she needed in order to open her own business, as well as three more food carts she could rent out, "giving her residual income & providing jobs for her friends and family," according to a video he posted to social media.

But Carmen — a single mom with an elderly, aging mother to tend to — had an even bigger problem: She was facing impending eviction and homelessness. That's where a generous gift from Brittany Aldean came in.

Aldean sent Carmen a gift of $10,000 — enough for her to keep her house, and have more time to spend at home with her elderly mom, too. A scene at the beginning of the social media video captures the special moment, including Carmen's speechless reaction when she receives the money.

"I'm not gonna lose my house," she finally says, weeping through her tears.

Brittany Aldean also shared the video on social media. "Nothing makes me happier," the singer's wife wrote in the caption. "God bless this woman ... and everything @murphslife does to help so many people who would otherwise never have these opportunities in life."

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