In a pre-CMAs special with Robin Roberts, Jason Aldean opened up about the end of his marriage to high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery.

During the 'In the Spotlight' intimate chat, held at Fenway Park in Boston during Aldean's summer stint at the famed stadium, the singer addressed getting caught kissing former 'American Idol' contestant Brittany Kerr in Los Angeles, the photos of which were splashed all over gossip media, pushing the country superstar onto the mainstream radar.

In his reveal, Aldean didn't say too much, keeping many details close to the vest. However, he did share that his indiscretion with Kerr did not lead to his divorce -- there were problems in the marriage already. It sounds as though the smooch session was a symptom, not a cause of the split.

"I think it's one of those things, where you go out and you're just hanging out ... the biggest thing is, there were things going on in my marriage at the time," the singer shares with careful, measured words. "I wasn't really happy. You go out and let your guard down a little bit, and it's hard enough to deal with it in private ..."

Aldean realizes that people will talk. When asked if he cheated beyond what was photographed, he spills, "Everyone is going to have an opinion. I think the best thing that could have happened was that they took the pictures of me getting in the cab with my buddies."

Those photos suggested that Aldean and Kerr did not leave together, and things went no further than some very public lip-locking. So while Aldean did not reveal all, he did shed a little light on the deeply personal situation which has had country music fans so curious. The singer and Ussery have two daughters together.

The 'Night Train' hitmaker will appear at the 2013 CMA Awards on Wednesday (Nov. 6), where he is up for the night's biggest trophy, Entertainer of the Year, among others.