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Jason Aldean just released his 10th studio album, Macon, and I got the chance to speak with him via a video chat.

We got to have some fun with a little word association with Jason prior to the release of his album, which came out last week. I took some songs from his tracklist and asked him to tell me the first thing that came to mind when I said the title.

The first one was "That's What Tequila Does," and his first thought was that he thinks about himself, tequila!

The second one was "Heaven," and his response was Bryan Adams. This is a cover of Bryan Adams' song, and Jason tells a great story on working with him and how nice of a guy he is, and how talented.

The third one was "The Sad Songs," and his first thought was of his buddy, Josh Thompson, who wrote that one and others including "Any Ol' Bar Stool" for Jason.

The final one was "Watching You Love Me," and Jason's first thought was the songwriter, Neil Thrasher, who also wrote "Night Train" and "Tattoos on This Town." Jason was saying how phenomenal Neil's voice sounded on the demo and how Jason was worried he wouldn't be able to match the demo quality.

Then, it was CMA week, and I was able to interview Jason once again. It was a really fun couple of interviews I got to have over a couple of weeks with one of country music's biggest stars. In the bonus part of the Taste of Country Nights On Demand podcast with Jason, the Atlanta Braves had just won the World Series, and Jason was telling me it was the worst hangover of his life and how he was partying with the Braves and Cole Swindell all night!

Have a listen to both the interviews I was able to do with Jason Aldean all in one podcast, Taste of Country Nights, On Demand, Episode 12.

See Inside Jason Aldean's Spectacular Florida Beach House

Jason Aldean's beach house in Santa Rosa, Fla., sits right on the Gulf of Mexico.

Aldean paid $4.1 million for the new 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom, 4,452-square-foot beach house. The spectacular property affords the singer and his family the opportunity to walk out their back door and down a bridge to their own private beach, and the exterior of the villa features a courtyard with iron gates that includes gas lanterns, a swimming pool and a fountain.

The home's interior includes a downstairs with an open floorplan and oversized windows, chiseled stone floors, a gourmet kitchen, a bedroom and study and a fireplace, with coffered ceilings throughout. The upstairs of the home includes two separate master bedrooms that both overlook the Gulf, as well as two more bedrooms that each have their own attached bathrooms.

The stunning home is also set for whatever weather might blow in from the Gulf. Built in 2005, the house features all-impact windows and doors, as well as Geo-Thermal heating and cooling, cellulose insulation, foam ceiling and floor insulation and more.

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