Jason Aldean had a big year in 2013, both professionally and personally. He won an ACM for Male Vocalist and saw three Top 10 singles chart, but also faced some issues at home, divorcing his wife, high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery.

Aldean is starting fresh in 2014, laying the groundwork on a new album, and although he's been through a lot, he insists he won't let it affect his music.

"The music may reflect it a little bit, but to me, stuff happens," Aldean explains in a new interview. "It's a done deal and I don't dwell on those things. I'm all right. I don't think about that."

The 36-year-old is aware that fans may read between the lines of his music and make assumptions about where he got his inspiration or what a song really means -- something he says is fully up to them.

"Whatever. That's in the eye of the beholder, I guess," the singer relates. "People can think whatever they want. My feeling is that I'm going to go record an album and I'm going to find the best songs I can find. People can dissect it all they want, I guess, but at the end of the day, hopefully it's a great record."

Aldean's year will really ignite on May 1, when he will begin his 2014 Burn it Down Tour. The run will come prior to his new album, which he hopes will be out in late summer or possibly early fall. No actual release date has been set.

"For me, it's always the sooner the better," Aldean admits. "I think, hopefully, we'll put out a new single off it in the next few months and kind of let the single dictate when the album comes out."

The star does promise that fans can expect the Aldean music they know and love -- with a few minor changes. "I kind of view it the way I view every album I've ever done. You want to go in and push the envelope a little bit, but never get away from what it is that brought you to the dance," he reveals.

Adds Aldean, "People are used to hearing what I do, but, like always, there are things out there that are going to be a little different, not right down the middle."