Over all my years in radio I've given away shirts, hats, vacations, cars & even a house.  Through all those giveaways, it's rare to get something back.  That's why everyone was shocked Friday morning to receive a beautiful gift basket full of all the artery-clogging goodies we radio people love.  We got candy, cookies, chips, & just about anything else you could think to squeeze into a ginormous basket.  Even better, it was addressed to Julia and me, so we get to say who gets a piece & who doesn't.

A lovely surprise this morning! Julia & I received a gift basket from country singer/songwriter Jenna McDaniel. Photo by Jamie Garrett

Did this basket come from a listener or a record company?  Nope.  Jenna McDaniel, Temple High School senior and up-and-coming country singer/songwriter did it just as a thank you.  Thank you for what?  Doing our job.  Getting you in touch with great country music, especially great country music being created right here in Central Texas.

Every time Jenna comes to see us, whether she performs live in-studio or just stops by to talk about some new music she's got recorded, she brightens the room.  She's shared her music with us, and we've shared her with you.  After an appearance Thursday night at Schoepf's BBQ in Belton, where she was introduced on stage by our own Julia Conner, she woke up bright & early to get a gift basket to us.

Thank you to Jenna & family for doing something completely unnecessary, and completely appreciated.  The candy & chips in the basket were almost as nice as just thinking of us.