If you follow Jennifer Nettles on Twitter, watch what you say. The songstress doesn't put up with negativity -- in fact, if she sees it, she'll call you out.

But, she's not going to infiltrate your Twitter feed with lots of negative comments. Instead, she's going to laugh with her friends. She tells Country Weekly, “First of all, just know, when you’re negative to me, I’m going to go to your profile and I’m going to make fun of your picture with everybody that’s in the room with me at the time."

And that's not all. The 'That Girl' hitmaker adds, "And then I’m also going to look back at your tweets and make fun of the fact that you just reached out to the 50th porn star that you follow begging her to give you a picture of her toes. I’m just saying. So, you should know I will make fun of you on Twitter if you’re negative.”

Nettles has a sunny, winsome personality, and she is determined to keep her surroundings positive, even down to the social media she partakes in. She does this for a reason, after learning the hard way. “For me, I’m such a sensitive person that it really sticks in my head even though it shouldn’t because there are a myriad of wonderful, supportive people who are out there.” Sounds like the wise advice of a seasoned entertainer!

Nettles, who recently embarked on a solo career (while still staying true to duo Sugarland), is really staying true to what she believes in: positivity, laughter, and fun.