Accomplished country singer-songwriter Jenny Tolman and her husband, Grammy-nominated producer Dave Brainard, are expecting their first child on Christmas Eve. The magical moments of excitement, love and anticipation that blossomed after the couple realized they'd welcome a new bundle of joy into their family served as a spark of creative inspiration for Tolman.

Premiering exclusively at The Boot today, "It's a Boy" is a stirring, heartfelt tribute to Tolman's soon-to-arrive first son. Co-written with Corey Wagar, Tolman channeled all her emotions into the moving track.

"'It's a Boy' is the first song that I wrote after finding out that I was having a baby boy," Tolman tells The Boot. "Written with Corey Wagar, "It's a Boy" starts out at that moment in time when nobody knows that you're pregnant yet. It's a unique feeling, somewhat isolating because you're holding onto this secret, but also a very sacred moment between just my husband and I, and capturing that in this song is very special to me."

Earlier this year, Tolman and Brainard tied the knot in a stunning, snow-covered ceremony in scenic Jackson, Wyoming. Now, as the pair enter a new phase of their life together, "It's a Boy" serves as a sweet and engaging lyrical journal of their journey into parenthood.

"I hope my son listens back to this someday and can feel how excited we were to meet him and how loved he was from the moment that we found out about him — and that other mamas can share in this feeling with their boys!"

Get a first listen to Jenny Tolman's new song "It's a Boy" below:

In March, Tolman released her engaging sophomore album Married in a Honky Tonk, which introduces listeners to a cast of colorful and complicated characters in her fictional world of "Jennyville." The set of well-crafted story-songs, produced and co-written with Brainard, showcases the Nashville native's fiery vocals, lyrical wit and emotional depth.

You can learn more about Jenny Tolman by visiting her official website and following her on InstagramFacebookTwitter and TikTok.

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