Joe Nichols’ new single ‘Yeah’ keeps the feel-good vibe of ‘Sunny and 75’ alive. On paper, the story comes across as a track that was all too popular in 2013, but the singer’s warm voice wraps the listener up like a good hug on chilly country night. His song is different because he’s not trying so hard.

The other subtle difference between ‘Yeah’ and the overstock of hayfield love songs is that Nichols lets the woman take control. He’s the submissive one, so his story comes across as so much more sincere that those that find a man spending three minutes describing things he’s going to do to the girl.

Whatever you're drinking, that's what I'm drinking / Girl, you're calling the shots tonight / Whatever you're thinking, that's what I'm thinking / Tell me what you got in mind / So I can say yeah, yeah,” the 37-year-old sings to close the chorus.

Nichols' voice and presence provides the strength on ‘Yeah.’ The song’s production steers down a vanilla road, much like the Gold-certified ‘Sunny and 75’ did previously. But he’s always been loyal to traditional country music, so anything that tried to match his contemporary counterparts would fit like a Speedo on an Eskimo. This is a good storytelling effort, but not one that will stick after just a single listen.

She said you wanna take a walk / To the river maybe cool off / She said I know a good spot / And then she took my hand / And I said yeah, yeah.”

Nichols has mostly avoided releasing singles with great emotional depth during his last three album cycles. ‘Crickets’ has a few gems, but for now, fans will need to be happy with friendly love songs like ‘Yeah.’

Why Fans Will Love It: It's easy to love. There's nothing about 'Yeah' that's offensive, and it's always a treat to hear Nichols sing.

Key Lyrics: "I said yeah, yeah / Like I was nodding right along to a song on the radio / Yeah, yeah / Girl, how could I say no"

Did You Know?: 'Sunny and 75' recently became Nichols' third Gold single, meaning it has sold over 500K copies.

Listen to Joe Nichols, ‘Yeah’