“How I met John Travolta and got him to come to our wedding”!  That’s the story a Georgia couple will tell their kids 10 years from now, if they are still married and if John Travolta is relevant then.  For now we get to hear about it.    According to a friend of the couple, John Travolta met the two in a bar the night before and showed up at their wedding the next day, dressed in jeans and a black T shirt.   A pal of the groom's shared the sighting on Reddit, posting photos and writing, "My friend ran into John Travolta the night before his wedding, and he shows up the next day."  Assuming this is all true and not a Photo Shop Trick,  Kudos to John for making a fan happy!

John Travolta and the Wedding Party/faceboo

Say,  where’s the wedding gift John?  Oh, "Your Presence" is gift enough!  We'll get to work on that Thank You Card right away!