When JT Hodges asked his fans to voice their opinions about what should be the next single from his newly-released self-titled debut album, they answered. The devoted group picked 'Sleepy Little Town' to be the third single from the album, following 'Hunt You Down' and 'Goodbyes Made You Mine.'

Penned by Chris Stapleton and Lee Thomas Miller, 'Sleepy Little Town' has already proven to be a huge hit during the singer's live shows. "Whenever I perform this song, I go to a specific place," Hodges explains to Taste of Country. "I think a great song or song that means something to anyone, usually there’s a vision that they have or it reminds them of a memory."

He explains that for him, 'Sleepy Little Town' brings back memories of traveling south on the interstate to hit gigs in Austin or San Antonio, Texas. "I used to pass this one small town in particular in Texas. You could see the football stadium and the lights from the highway as you were zooming by," Hodges remembers. "It just gives me this vision of this small town -- for me, it’s in Texas, but they’re all across the nation -- of just peaceful and quiet communities that pretty much make America."

"The visual of the lights coming on in the football stadium and kind of exposing some dark secrets that can go on because there’s a lot of stuff that can go on in a city," he continues. "It’s the same kind of thing that goes on in a small town, but it’s just that everybody knows about it. Everybody shares a community for drama, for worse or for better [laughs]. It’s a very metaphorical song. I’m real excited about the song. It’s like a six o’clock news story… there are three simple stories within the choruses, just talking about what can and does sometimes go down in a sleepy little town."

Fans can catch the tune live in concert as Hodges continues to criss-cross the country. Click here for a full list of dates where he will be performing, and keep an ear open to hear 'Sleepy Little Town' on country radio soon.