The court martial of Fort Hood shooting suspect Nidal Hasan is still on schedule.

Judge Colonel Tara Osborn heard arguments for motions from both sides at a pretrial hearing Thursday. The defense has asked that the prosecution submit written summaries of witness testimony so that Hasan may review them and prepare his defense. Prosecutor Col. Mike Mullighan argued that such summaries are not required and accused the defense of “chasing ghosts” in order to further delay the trial. He assured Col. Osborn that witnesses will speak only of what they saw and the loss of loved ones. He also said that witnesses will not refer to Hasan as a terrorist and have been warned not to lash out at the accused.

Col. Osborn withheld ruling on the matter until a scheduled hearing on Wednesday, July 24, but ruled that the prosecution cannot use a video provided by the FBI during their opening statement. She also reminded Hasan that he may give an opening statement, but that he cannot testify as he is acting as his own attorney.

Pretrial hearings will continue periodically until the trial begins on Tuesday, August 6.