Remember when you used to hate to get in front of the class and do the standard "How I Spent this Time of My Life" essay.  Now we love to tell people what we did. So listen Up!  Well I had the family over to celebrate the Fourth and my Dad's 82nd Birthday.

George Hardge, Julia's Dad, and his Julia Made Cake

And then I went over to Schoepf's Barbeque for the 4th annual Rodeo Roundup. No horses and steers, just good music.  Here I am before the Concert with Staci Schoepf, and Anthony Garcia from KXXV. Anthony used to be an intern at US105. Staci owns the restaurant!

Julia, Staci, and Anthony/Photo Courtesy Anthony Garcia

Darry Dodd was the headliner with two opening acts, Wally West and Jenny McDaniel.  I had to get up early Friday and come entertain you folks so I couldn't stay long, I did get to see Jenna though. Both Jenna and Wally have performed in the US 105 Studios.  But this time I got to see her on stage.  Jenna will be a Temple High School senior in the fall. Wonder what she'll do after graduation? Singing maybe?

Jenna McDaniel and Fans/KUSJ Photo

Gotta show Jenna's band!

Jenna McDaniel and her Band /KUSJ Photo

Yep she is gonna be big some day!