The last time the Temple Wildcats took the field they were within sight of a state championship.  That heartbreak has transformed into hope for 2015 as the 'Cats play in the Blue/White Game Thursday at 6pm on K 101-7.

Chad President.  Gone.  Jeff Carr.  Gone.  Marques Hatcher.  gone.  Will they rebuild?  Will they just reload?  We'll get our first look at what's in store for the Temple Wildcats in the 2015 season Thursday during the spring game.

The Annual Blue/White Scrimmage will be broadcast on K 101-7 and online at  The format of the game, as described by Coach Mike Spradlin, will be first-team O vs. first-team D, followed by second-team vs second team & 3rd vs 3rd.  The next phase will feature the first-team offense vs second-team defense and vice versa.  The action should last around 90 minutes to two hours.

Thanks to the great sponsors that make broadcasts such as this possible.  Special thanks to Wes's Burger Shack, Lastovica Jewelers, Tex Blast Sandblasting, French Quarter Restaurant and Salon Karen.  If any sponsors come in last-minute, I apologize for missing you here.

Check back to the website following the game for a complete wrap-up and preview of what can be expected in 2015 from the defending state finalists.