Kacey Musgraves is known for her ability to put a new spin on songs from artists like Katy Perry and Mary Poppins, but her recent cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” may be one of her most unique yet. The singer-songwriter has been injecting the 2006 hit from Cee Lo Green and Danger Mouse into her sets lately, including her performance on the 2016 Cayamo cruise.

Musgraves began the song with a totally different tone than the original; a haunting, slow a capella intro, gradually introducing instruments. Soon the signature beat of the song kicks in and the crowd recognizes the tune, cheering her on. It takes on a finger-pickin’, western style that suits Musgraves well, as she is accompanied by her usual costumed band, who back her up with some tight harmonies.

The “Pageant Material” singer is on the road on her 2016 leg of the Kacey Musgraves Country and Western Rhinestone Revue, which continues through March. At a show in Dallas recently, she revealed part of a new tune called “Five Finger Discount,” a clever song about a girl she once knew who used to steal her things and then post photos of them online.

“I won’t get too awkward here, but I have this matching bra and underwear set. She literally did take the panties from the set and put that on Facebook, too,” Musgraves told the crowd. “Like, what?! Yeah, winner! But, [that’s why] the first line of the song is ‘I know you stole my panties ’cause I have the matching bra …’"

Check out her performance of “Crazy” above.

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