Kacey Musgraves' newest single 'Keep It To Yourself' is finally out and the singer admits that it wasn't a song that was easy for her to write. She wrote the single, which is on her album 'Same Trailer Different Park,' about an ex-boyfriend who she realized just wasn't good for her anymore.

“I was going through a bit of a personal down moment and a break-up, and self-discipline has never been something that I’ve been very good at," she tells reporters. But it looks like she eventually learned and was able to realize what was best for her.

"So, when this song talks about keeping it to yourself, it’s just about knowing and wanting to know how that person feels about you like in a situation, but just knowing that it’s not good for you anymore and that you literally have to be the strong person and say, 'Don’t tell me, because it’s just going to rope me back in,’” she explains.

“It’s going to create that cycle again, I feel like that’s something that a lot of people go through and it’s about getting over that hump; that hard part where you’re just going to die because this person’s not there anymore so literally you just have to be like, ‘If you have feelings for me, just put them on a shelf,’ like I don’t want to hear about them.”

Lucky for fans, Musgraves was able to overcome her situation and make some great music from it. She's currently dating bandmate Misa Arriaga.