Kane Brown shows off his more sensitive side in a new acoustic pop-country ballad titled "Homesick."

The singer finds himself longing for the comforts of home in the new song, which is premised around a simple electronic beat and acoustic guitar chords. The lyrics reflect on being away from his fiancee for stints on the road that seem too long when they're apart.

An unexpected fiddle solo sweetens the middle section of the song and juxtaposes a traditional country influence with the modern production elements for a track that has something for everyone.

The song is another taste of Brown's upcoming second studio album, Experiment, which was released last year. "This album is really all over the place," Brown tells Taste of Country. "It’s almost like an experiment of sorts. I’m trying to just listen to what country fans are leaning toward."

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Kane Brown's New Truck Will Make You Drool

Kane Brown's "Homesick" Lyrics:

Dancing in the kitchen, you singing my favorite song / Swinging on the front porch, just laughing at the dogs / You swear you love me more when you're whispering goodnight / All those little moments are every reason why


I'm homesick / This feeling that I'm feeling, no it don't quit / It's like half of me is missing / Heaven knows it / That all I wanna do is be alone with / Your brown eyes, just tangled up and holding / Only you tonight until the morning / Baby, that's the damn truth / If home is where the heart is, I'm homesick for you

Well it says "Kane Brown" on a sign with a line out the door / Sold out some little town I've never been before / Yeah they're screaming my name, this is what we dreamed about / But out here singing 'bout you baby, all I'm thinking 'bout is how I'm

Repeat Chorus

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