Kane Brown gave a very special fan of his the surprise of a lifetime during an episode of Pickler & Ben on Thursday (April 11).

Clay Warner is a high school senior from Polk City, Iowa. He was born prematurely at 23 weeks, and he has cerebral palsy and is legally blind, even when he's wearing his glasses. Basketball is one of Warner's passions, and he's a member of his high school's basketball team, though he usually supports his teammates from the sidelines and does not get to play.

That all changed in February, when Warner'c coach put him on the court with just one minute left on the clock. Introduced as "the heart and soul of North Polk," Warner made good on those words as he took a shot from the right of the basket, sinking his first-ever shot during a game seemingly effortlessly as the fans on both sides went crazy.

That moment went viral online, and the exposure landed Warner and his mom an interview on Pickler & Ben on Thursday, where his teammates and friends and his coach paid tribute to him in a series of video messages.

"We heard you're a big country music fan, is that correct?" Ben Aaron asks Warner in the video above, to which he replies, "Yes ... Kane Brown all the way."

With that, they dropped the final surprise of the day in the form of a personal video message from Brown.

"What's up, Clay, it's Kane Brown," the "Good as You" singer says as the starstruck teen watches. "I heard you're a big country music fan, and I saw that shot that you made. You shoot better than me, man," he adds.

Brown is giving Warner the VIP treatment at one of his upcoming shows in Iowa. "I'd love to see you backstage and get to hang out with you, and give you tickets to my show. So I'm looking forward to seeing you, man," he finishes.

The moment is clearly not something Warner was expecting.

"What?!" he says in the video. "Are you serious? That's amazing. Amazing. Thanks, guys."

See the powerful moment for yourself in the video at the top of the story.

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