Americana singer-songwriter Keeley Valentino is readying a new self-titled EP, and she's giving The Boot's readers a first listen to her single, 'Little Things.'

"I wrote this song when I was feeling especially pensive about life and how to make it more meaningful. But I also felt like I was right in the middle of a battle with myself, struggling between moving forward in faith and being scared out of my mind about the unknown," she tells The Boot. "I seem to find myself in that space quite often, but this song helped me sort some of that out."

With two albums under her belt, the San Francisco-based songstress says the new EP "has been several years in the making." Valentino admits she had to learn more about the writing process and the business side of making music.

"I'm so moved and humbled that I have people in my corner, friends and family amongst them, who are willing to take this journey with me," she says.

The team Valentino assembled has some well-respected names on it, including the Zac Brown Band's Clay Cook, who Valentino says "is such an incredible musician and can play and sing almost anything;" John Driskell Hopkins, who sang on the record; and Matt Mangano, who played on and produced the EP.

"The actual recording process was just ridiculously fun," Valentino says. "I'm always so blown away by the pure genius of the musicianship in Nashville."

Maureen Murphy and the Wood Brothers' Jano Rix lent their musical talents as well, and Brandon Bell, who's worked with Alison Krauss and Dierks Bentley, engineered the sessions.

"I just feel all the good kind of feelings about it -- excited, proud, lucky and most of all, thankful," Valentino says. "This release is a labor of love from so many."

Valentino's EP, due out Sept. 16, is available for pre-order through iTunes. All pre-orders will receive a free copy of 'Little Things.' Listen to the track below.