'American Idol' judge Keith Urban doesn't enjoy being the bad news bearer to contestants who are singing their hearts out, especially when it's in front of millions of viewers. Now that the Top 10 have been chosen, and America will choose their 'Idol,' Urban is glad to pass that decision on to someone else. 

After Thursday night's (March 7) elimination, the 'You Gonna Fly' hitmaker told MTV News, "It's more of a relief." However, he does realize that leaving the decision in the hands of America may not always go the way he hoped, saying, "It will be frustrating to watch people go that we wish could have stayed that might have just had a bad night and their better than that."

Urban also shared his thoughts on the performances, like when a contestant picks the wrong song. "My heart breaks for them on the night," he said. "It's already happened on some of the really important nights. I've just watched them and gone, 'Ugh! That wasn't the performance for tonight. You know it, I know it.' Ahhh, it's heartbreaking!"

The singer has shown throughout this season that it's pretty easy to tug on his heartstrings. Perhaps he's recalling the night 'Idol' hopeful Lazaro Arbos sang one of Urban's songs and received critical feedback from the country star. Arbos performed 'Tonight I Wanna Cry,' but we wonder if Urban is the one who actually wanted to cry when he criticized Arbos' song choice.

In its 12th season, 'Idol' has some extremely talented vocalists, and we're betting Urban can't wait to see makes it out on top. He's made his predictions, and we'll soon see if America agrees with the superstar. Country fans will want to keep close watch on not only Kree Harrison, but also Paul Jolley and Janelle Arthur, who all remain in the Top 10.