Keith Urban's 'Cop Car' video literally plays out the words to the song about falling in love in the back of a cop car.

There's nothing like young love ... until that young love gets you cuffed in the back of a police car. Urban's video comes full circle, beginning and ending with cop car lights and sirens. A young couple star in the video, finding themselves in trouble after trespassing in a field under a cloudy sky to watch the airplanes fly in.

The country star, who doesn't play a role in the clip, dons dark colors in dim lighting and his black boots tap to the rhythm of the song. The couple happily ride along in the car avoiding the no trespassing signs before pulling the tailgate down to watch the sky traffic. Police sirens fill the air as the cops pull up.

Urban smiles as he performs the song and the lyrics play out on the screen. Simultaneously, the cops question the young couple as the screen flashes (much like the lights) to Urban again. The cop swiftly cuffs the young man as the young girl starts to argue with the men in uniform.

The pair pose for mug shots and the video then cuts to them both sitting in the back of the cop car, laughing and talking, almost immune to the trouble they might be in. She rests her head on his shoulder and forgets about the cops outside the windows.

The 'Cop Car' video shows a split screen of Urban and the couple in strobe light form as he plays his electric guitar. The video concludes with the two young lovers cuddled up, falling in love 'in the back of a cop car.'