After the news broke last week that Randy Jackson will be departing 'American Idol' at the end of its 12th season, fellow judge and country star Keith Urban has revealed who will be taking his place -- sort of.

Jackson announced his departure after numerous reports last week stated that all four 'Idol' judges will be fired and replaced for next season. In an appearance on 'Ellen' Tuesday (May 14), Urban defused a question about the situation with humor. "Of course Randy's leaving, as he said," he acknowledged. "And I'm here to announce that I'm gonna be replacing Randy, which is fantastic."

On a more serious note, Urban said he will miss Jackson when he's gone. "He's a beautiful part of that whole institution of 'American Idol,'" he observed.

This season of 'Idol' is down to the final two; on Wednesday night (May 15) Candice Glover and aspiring country star Kree Harrison will compete for the final time before the winner is crowned during Thursday night's finale. When asked which one he thinks will take home the crown, Urban once again displayed his comedic flair.

"I think it's a girl's year to win," he quipped. "I'm not a betting man, but I like the odds."

He added that it's still anyone's ball game. "It's hard to say -- I think Candice has a bit of the edge, just based on her powerhouse vocals of the last few performances," he admitted. "But Kree is an amazing singer."

While on 'Ellen,' also performed a unique version of his new single, 'Little Bit of Everything,' by drumming on the table and singing along sans his usual guitar.