They may both be worldwide superstars, but Keith Urban insists that he and his wife Nicole Kidman are just two regular people who enjoy weekend movie dates just like the rest of us.

The Australian country star dropped by the Bobby Bones Show, where he chatted about just how normal the couple's lives in Nashville actually are. Urban and Kidman even go to the movies, believe it or not!

“Nic and I go all the time. We love films," Urban tells Bones, who wasn't buying it. “You can ask tons of people in this town.”

Urban isn't one of those celebs who goes to great lengths -- like renting out an entire theater -- just so he and his movie star wife can get some peace. He does admit that sometimes they leave early, but not to escape fans -- only if the film isn't up to his standards.

“It depends on film,” he says hilariously when asked if they step out before the credits roll. “We’ve walked out of some films for sure.”

Urban and Kidman are such normal people, that when the star heard about his 2014 CMA Awards nominations, he was driving carpool, taking his daughters to school. “I was dropping the kids at school, and I couldn’t respond to the texts because I was driving,” Urban says. “It was a great way to start the morning.”

The 'Somewhere in My Car' hitmaker and his A-list actress wife are happily married, and they work daily to stay that way. Urban credits the fact that they met later in life as a reason they are so lucky in love -- that, and the fact that they still enjoy snuggling.

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