With Garth Brooks' announcement that he'll return to the stage for a world tour this Fall, other country artists are on high alert, acknowledging that it will be stiff competition. Keith Urban in particular knows Brooks' live shows are a force to be reckoned with.

“You won’t find a country artist who thinks that’s not the case,” Keith tells ABC News Radio (quote via WWGP). “We all know that. It’s Garth, you know? He hasn’t toured in thirteen years. So, the anticipation and expectation -- all of that’s phenomenal. He’s a phenomenal live performer. People know that. It's gonna be a behemoth tour for sure.”

Naturally, Urban has lots of compliments for the country legend, calling Brooks "creative," "original" and of course, "an icon."

Not that Urban isn't those things himself. While on the road, the 'American Idol' judge is playing lots of songs from his newest record, 'Fuse,' and makes sure to change the set list every day to keep things new and different for his fans.

“The level of requests we get for songs off this particular album, off 'Fuse,' has been exponential for the last couple of albums," Urban says. "So, I’m so happy about that.”

While he's playing a lot from his latest record, Urban still sings the classic songs that made fans fall in love with him. He makes sure to work songs like 'Better Life' and 'Somebody Like You' into his ever-changing performance.

“They take on a new meaning,” he admits. “Why I wrote them may not be this sort of place that I sing from these days, but they take on new meaning."

Garth Brooks Comeback Cheat Sheet