Keith Urban and the other men of 'American Idol' -- that'd be host Ryan Seacrest and co-judge Randy Jackson -- appeared on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' to promote next week's 'American Idol' Season 12 premiere. Leave it to Leno to capitalize on awkward and embarrassing moments, like Urban's naked photos and the show's two dueling divas.

Those horrifically awkward moments were the order of the day for Leno, who brought up Urban's April 2002 Playgirl spread (about halfway through the segment), where he covers his junk with a guitar. While Jackson was hemming and hawing about having to look at those photos, Urban had a terrific sense of humor about his past, um, indiscretion, telling Leno that people are at home eating and didn't need to be exposed to the pics, and that he was about concerned how and why Leno came to possess them in the first place.

"That falls into the 'What the hell was I thinking’ category," Urban said. "I am glad I play guitar and not harmonica." Zing!

The other embarrassing moment that Leno brought up was, of course, the famous Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj feud, of which Urban was caught in the middle.

"I was somewhat Switzerland for a moment," says the country singer about being sandwiched between the warring women. He also said that he's used to it, since it was a nightly occurrence in the clubs that he came up playing in. He also joked that he has a restraining order against Jackson.

"It's a happy, dysfunctional family," said Jackson. Sure it is.

Tune in to the Season 12 premiere next Wednesday, January 16.