Keith Urban's 'Somewhere in My Car' video probably shouldn't be viewed in front of small children ... or your parents, for that matter. The sexy clip features more than a few steamy scenes of backseat (and bedroom ... and rain-covered) makeout sessions. Bottom line: it's epic, but maybe not a good one to watch at work.

Directed by John Urbano (who also did Urban's 'Cop Car' video), the 'Somewhere in My Car' video focuses on the main male character as he goes crazy reminiscing about his past relationship. And as his longing for their lost love gets stronger, the flashbacks of their time together get more and more risqué.

“The story is what I would call melancholy,” says Urban. "So for me, the video had to be centered around the present and the past, but focused on the intoxicating emotion of ‘those nights.'"

'Those nights' that Urban is referring to ... well, they make for a provocative must-see video. Filmed primarily in black and white (with sparks of color only serving to add to the drama), 'Somewhere in My Car' combines shots of Urban powerfully slicing through the song's guitar solos, fused together with those steamy backseat and bedroom scenes starring Jehane Paris and Rodrigo Calazans, two models making their acting debut.

While the sexy scenes may be the primary thing fans remember, the 'Somewhere in My Car' music video is signature Urban, with complex guitar riffs and the Aussie singer's unique sound on full display.

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