Kellie Pickler is known for having a big heart, as she recently shaved her head to support her friend battling breast cancer, and has been lovingly doting on her newly-born niece. Pickler has a soft spot for someone else in her life as well: Grandpa Ken. He was the one who convinced her to do 'Dancing With the Stars' this year. 

The 'Best Days of Your Life' singer tells Country Weekly about her grandpa's strategy, saying, "He was eavesdropping on my phone conversation about doing the show and he told me that if I didn't do it, then I wasn't his favorite granddaughter anymore." Grandpa Ken lives with Pickler and and husband Kyle Jacobs.

Well, sounds like her sweet grandpa really wanted her to be part of the dancing competition, as Pickler points out, "Funny thing is, I'm his only granddaughter. I'm his only grandchild! It's his favorite show, though. I think he's more excited than anybody about it." We're glad he convinced her, as the competition will be fierce, with a few Olympians thrown into the bunch.

The vocal powerhouse, who will be dancing with three-time DWTS champion Derek Hough, will certainly be keeping busy with a jam-packed schedule. "I do have this little window of time that I can juggle this show and record a record," she says. "I’ll be bouncing from the recording studio to the dance studio. It’s going to be exhausting, but I can do it." We know that Grandpa Ken certainly knows that she can do it, and we'll be watching along with him, cheering Pickler on.

Be sure to tune in on March 18 as the competition begins its dance-off at 8PM on ABC.