Kelly Clarkson was in the midst of a battle that was bigger than the ones she fought on live TV against Justin Guarini as a contestant on the first season of 'American Idol.' Okay, not really. The singer was sort of fighting with a U.K. museum over possession of a ring once owned by revered English writer Jane Austen. The "fight" has come to its logical end and has been resolved.

Here's the backstory.

The turquoise and gold ring was auctioned back in 2012 and purchased by Clarkson. The Jane Austen's House Museum in Chawton had hoped to buy the ring but was unable to raise the funds in time to win it at auction. The jewelry was eventually put under a temporary export ban, which meant that its new rightful owner could not remove it from the U.K., according to ITV.

This August, the museum then launched a campaign, called 'Bring the Ring Home.' It received a donation of £100,000 from an anonymous source. Other Austen fans donated, as well.

Clarkson is accepting the museum's offer to purchase the ring once owned by the novelist who penned 'Pride & Prejudice,' 'Emma' and 'Sense and Sensibility,' among others.

All's well that ends well. So that's Shakespeare and not Austen, but still!

It's smart for Clarkson to part with the literary genius' ring and not just to keep her U.K. fans happy. She has to keep her fingers free of other jewelry so she can show off her wedding ring from fiancé Brandon Blackstock.

Even if she didn't plan to wear the Austen ring, we're glad the drama is O-V-E-R, since so many people in the U.K. wanted it to remain on their soil.

For her part, Clarkson was extremely gracious in "letting go" of the ring (for a price), saying, "The ring is a beautiful national treasure and I am happy to know that so many Jane Austen fans will get to see it at Jane Austen's House Museum." The powers-that-be at the museum also said that hoped that Clarkson would pay the location a visit!