To us, Kelly Clarkson is a singer; the first 'American Idol.' But as she learned recently, she's also the relative of a Civil War hero. The songstress discovered this exciting ancestry and so much more on the Season 4 premiere of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' 

In her episode, which aired on Tuesday (July 23), Clarkson learned that her three times great-grandfather was Isaiah Rose, a Union soldier who was a hero during the Civil War. The clips leading up to the premiere promised that the singer "finds an ancestor with deep roots in American history," and that definitely proved to be true.

"That's what I find amazing -- that we came from that... it's in our blood," Clarkson told her mother.

Rose would eventually go on to be a state senator in Ohio, displaying an unyielding commitment to his beliefs. In fact, he cared so much about the less fortunate that he risked his reputation to fight for their rights. Clarkson was deeply moved by his strength and stance, saying through tears, "I hope people know what they fought for mattered."

The superstar traveled around Georgia and Ohio on this journey to trace her family roots, and even meandered around the Ohio Statehouse, discovering more information about Rose. This will probably be something the singer remembers for the rest of her life -- and perhaps she feels even 'stronger' knowing that her ancestors were full of bravery and integrity.   

Soon, Clarkson will join her rich ancestry with Reba McEntire's stepson Brandon Blackstock at their upcoming wedding -- and carry on the inspirational family tree.