Whether you're in the mood to party at home with your best girlfriends or dance along to a sold-out show, country's newest music videos have something for every kind of party. Read on to watch them all!

Kelsea Ballerini, "Club":

Kelsea Ballerini throws a very exclusive rager in the music video for her newest release, "Club." The clip shows an intimate, stay-at-home party with the singer and all her best friends, who have every bit as much fun doing shots, playing card games and dancing around a bedroom as they would during a night out on the town. At the end of the night, the group of friends takes the party outside, where they jump fully clothed into a pool.

"Club" is the second release off of Ballerini's next album, following her single, "Homecoming Queen?" -- CL

Riley Green, "I Wish Grandpas Never Died":

Riley Green enlisted a packed-out venue full of fans to help him make the music video for his new song, "I Wish Grandpas Never Died." The clip was filmed during a Phenix City show in the singer's home state of Alabama.

It's only fitting that Green capture the live energy of "I Wish Grandpas Never Died" for the tune's music video: The singer typically picks his singles based on the reaction he gets when he performs them, and this song elicits a particularly powerful response from live audiences. Simply watch the music video to see the magic of the song in a live setting. -- CL

Dillon Carmichael, "I Do For You":

In a previous lyric video for "I Do for You," Dillon Carmichael put the spotlight on his own love story with girlfriend Shayla. Now, in the official music video for the song, Carmichael turns the focus onto another real-life relationship: That between Bachelor in Paradise's Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour. In the video, the couple -- who are engaged in real life -- plan a wedding, complete with vision boards, bridal magazines and cake tasting.

At the 2019 SESAC Awards, Carmichael dished to The Boot on what it was like working with  the reality show power couple. "[They're] two really cool people. Real funny, and just sweet, good-hearted people," he says, adding that -- in keeping with the song's theme of trying new things for your partner -- he became a fan of Bachelor in Paradise thanks to Shayla. "She's like, 'You gotta watch,' and finally she got me hooked," he admits with a laugh. -- CL

Molly Tuttle, "Sleepwalking":

Molly Tuttle captures an evocative, cinematic aesthetic in the music video for "Sleepwalking," a song that she describes as one of the most personal on her new album, When You're Ready. In the clip, we see Tuttle walking through nighttime streets alone, sitting on the side of a bed and later, lying in a bathtub full of water, without her wig.

Tuttle lives with alopecia (total hair loss), and it was important to her to incorporate that aspect of her life into the video." I lost my hair early on in life, and at times that experience has made me fear change and hold onto the past," she says in a press release. "With the visual, I wanted to raise the question of what it means to 'be yourself' again after a part of who you are disappears." The song also navigates other anxieties, such as the singer's response to climate change and the rising cost of living in her hometown of San Francisco. -- CL

Chris Lane, "Big, Big Plans":

Chris Lane invites fans into his wedding day in the music video for "Big, Big Plans," the artist's newest song. From the first look to the bouquet toss, Lane shares an intimate glimpse into his recent wedding to Lauren Bushnell, which took place on Oct. 25 in Nashville. Directed by Justin Clough, the romantic video captures the ceremony and reception on-site at the wedding venue 14TENN. -- LS

Karen & the Sorrows, "When People Show You Who They Are":

In the music video for "When People Show You Who They Are," Karen & the Sorrows take a somber look at humanity on a stroll through the park. The tender lyrics, set to a backdrop of acoustic strings give the heartfelt topic of love and betrayal a fitting treatment. Sunlight filtering through the trees highlights a winding path through the park as the song plays out. -- LS

J.S. Ondara, "Days of Insanity":

J.S. Ondara sets sail across the desert in the music video for "Days of Insanity." The poignant lyrics explain a nonsensical plot, as the artist strums his guitar overlooking a sea of sand and sagebrush.The musical storyteller weaves imagination into the visually stunning video, as he joins forces with all manner of creatures adrift in the cactus fields. -- LS

Kalsey Kulyk, "Damn You Love":

At the risk of coming across as cheesy - Kalsey Kulyk says that her song "Damn You Love" is a push for perseverance in romance, in spite of obstacles.  "...I hope when people hear this song they get the message to never stop believing and fighting for love,” Kulyk tells CMT. The music video for the song tells the story of turbulent romance and riding out the storms, finding a reason to hang on for the long haul. -- LS

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