Somebody in Kempner has gone and done it. City Hall is closed as Lisette Lopez from KXXV reports a walkout of sorts has taken place with the town's employees. Just look at the post below from the city's social media account.

According to KXXV, An official at city hall said that all employees have resigned except for the police department, mayor, and the city council. This means the city secretary, the assistant secretary, and the judge have all served up their resignation. City Council member John Wilkerson told KXXV the employees had an issue with the way they were treated at city hall. The work environment was described as hostile.

The Judge who exited, Gene Isenhour, said in his resignation letter that he had issues with the spending habits of the mayor, and objected to spending that was occurring without the governing body's approval.

Mayor Keith Harvey has posted receipts of expenses for the public to see. City Council member John Wilkerson says he has faith the city leadership will come together and is calling for the community to have faith.

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