With the brutal attacks at the Boston Marathon this week so fresh in everyone's mind, it's inevitable that people are thinking more in terms of personal safety than usual -- and country music superstar Kenny Chesney is no exception.

The singer is scheduled to perform in concert at Boston's Gillette Stadium in August, and he admits that the tragic turn of events has got him pondering the security measures at his upcoming shows.

"It's always in the back of our mind, but we have as much security as we possibly can," Chesney tells ABC News Radio in an interview from Thursday (April 18). "We play a lot of these football stadiums, and it's the same security that they would have at a sporting event. And, I mean, you can't overdo it either. What is too much security? What is too little security? So, it does make you think about it."

While he may have additional security at his upcoming concerts, the star says he let down his guard for his new album 'Life on a Rock,' which features songs that offer more personal glimpses than some of his previous work.

"I was able to make a record where I didn't edit myself like you usually do for a record," he observes. "I wrote all these songs knowing that the majority of them would never see the light of day on a radio station or in my show. It allowed me to really be honest with my fans and tell them stories and open up some doors that I haven't, and that felt really good."

Chesney is currently on the road on his No Shoes Nation Tour.