Hurry up ya’ll! Time is running out to register for this Summer's  ‘Live in Seattle Kenny Chesney Concert’.

We’ll fly you and a guest to Seattle for free, put you up in a hotel for two days, give you spending cash and tickets to the June 1st Concert, plus a Meet and Greet with Kenny. The winner also gets dinner for 2 at the World Famous Space Needle and two tickets to the Seattle Aquarium.

But wait there’s more! The winner also gets one Pirate Flag autographed by Kenny Chesney. You must enter by 11:59 pm on March 31st.

So what should you do if you win? First SCREAM with joy, then buy a new outfit, and get a new ‘do. Because you are going to meet the man, Kenny Chesney himself!!!!

Now some folks don’t know how to act when they meet somebody famous. I am going to help you so you don’t make a fool of yourself. Here is a list of Stuff I figure will keep you on Kenny's good Side:

1. Don’t touch Kenny’s Hat.

2. Don’t put him in a bear hug.

In fact you better not touch him unless he sticks his hand out. You should probably keep your lips to yourself. No Kissing! (unless you are really close friends, and we know that's not true because you had to win a contest to get close to him)

3. Don’t mention Renee Zellweger!

Don’t bring your Karaoke machine and sing “She’s Got It All”, or try to slip him one of your CD’s.

4. Don't Be A Camera Hog

If they do let you take pictures, don’t try to take every pose you can think of, just one with the two of you should be good enough.

5. The Same Goes For Autographs

You already have the autographed Pirate Flag so you probably shouldn't ask for anymore signatures; they will let you know beforehand.

6. Do tell Kenny his tractor is sexy, but don’t ask to see his farmers tan.

In other words just be polite and do what Kenny’s Henchmen tell you to do.

Above all have fun, like these guys did at a Green Bay Concert!  Oh yeah, and please wear your shoes!