What happens when you put country star Kenny Chesney and comedian Ellen DeGeneres together? You get lots of laughter and a whole lot of fun, plus a lot of drinking. 

The country singer recently appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' to promote his upcoming album, and DeGeneres told Chesney, who recently announced the launch of his own Blue Chair Bay Premium Rum, that they were going to play a game, and unveiled a tray of shot glasses, which she explained were filled with either rum or water.

The singer replied, "A game? Looks dangerous ... and fun!" Basically, the game entailed the 'Pirate Flag' singer answering true or false questions, and if he answered correctly, he needed to choose one of the shot glasses (without smelling it) and throw back a shot. "You never know if you're going to have a shot of rum or water," the comedian explained.

Of course, the game was slightly rigged, as it began with the "true or false" question of "Your name is Kenny Chesney." As Chesney laughed and was handed a glass, he exclaimed, "Oh oh, it's not water!" Another game statement was equally hilarious, as Ellen read, "Your new CD that's coming out on April 30th is great."

Fortunately for the singer, it was a short game, and ended before things got too crazy. With  the country crooner's new album, 'Life on a Rock' set to hit the streets at the end of the month, and his nonstop No Shoes Nation Tour, Chesney's lighthearted time with Ellen was probably a welcome reprieve from his busy schedule.