The IGA Foodliner in Killeen (3301 E Rancier) has announced on social media that it will be shutting its doors at the end of the month. Many customers shared their surprise of the news in response to the announcement on Facebook. Some longtime residents of Killeen responded saying the grocery store had been there the entire time they have lived in Killeen. Goodbye 10 for 10 and 5 for 20.

Wait, you didn't know what 5 for 20 was? It was a pretty rock solid way to fill up your freezer with enough meat to last ya till the next time you went to the store. IGA Foodliner would let customers choose from ground beef, pork ribs, port steaks, shoulder steaks, beef stew meat, turkey wings, sliced bacon, pig feet, pork neckbones, beef tripe, ham hocks and lots more. By the time you got your 5 for $20, you could see a big savings over the cost of shopping at other places.

Several items at IGA Foodliner will be going on sale now as they try to clear off the shelves at the Killeen store. Store hours are still 7am to 10 pm if you want to help them make some space or just stop in and say hello to the staff one more time.

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