There is never a dull moment in central Texas news is there? Well, check this out.

Apparently a recently reported kidnapping in Killeen was all just a hoax to troll the police department into a faster response over what may have been some stolen money. A recent press release from the Killeen Police Department explains that information relating to reports of missing 4-year-old child had been made up.

In the press release, Killeen police go on to thank all those who spent time and resources tracking down information about the missing child. After further investigation it turns out the child's identity had been completely made up complete with fake photos.

Killeen police are currently working on obtaining six arrest warrants for the individuals who made up the story. Their false report wasted the time and resources of several agencies enlisted to help search for the fake missing child including  U.S. Marshals Service, Marion County District Attorney’s Office, Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Marion County Records Department, Indiana Department of Child Services, Dallas Police Department, Lewisville Police Department, Bell County District Attorney’s Office, Bell County Probation Office, Bell County C.S.C.D., and Channel 6 News.

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