A Houston Law Firm has conducted a study of the most dangerous cities in Texas. You can pretty much count on this study being released every year or two, and you can also count on the city of Killeen showing up somewhere in the Top 10. This time Killeen takes the #7 spot on the list as reported by 12NewsNow.com

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As with data we have seen in the past, the law firm compiled information from the FBI's uniform crime reporting program that focuses on cities with over 100,000 people. Included in the crime ranking are factors like police presence rank and socioeconomic information.

While there are other cities in the Lone Star State with worse conditions than Killeen, we will focus on those numbers as we look at the outcome of the data as formulated by Paul Darrow with Darrow Law Firm in Houston.

Darrow Law Firm in Houston
Darrow Law Firm in Houston

The firm lists Killeen's population as 140,497. The following categories represent the number of each type of violent crime in Killeen per 100,000 people:

  • Murder: 7.11
  • Rape: 52.67
  • Robbery: 49.82
  • Assault: 175.09
  • All Violent Crime: 284.2

If this was a list of Top 10 Cities You Might Get Murdered in, it looks as though Killeen would jump up to #3 on the list behind Waco and Beaumont.

The Darrow Law Firm also has several suggestions on how to play it safe in your city, and practices you can be a part of that will help improve the score in Killeen and elsewhere.

Bond with your Neighbors: It's much easier to stay safe in your home if you are in regular contact with your neighbors. They look out for you and you can look out for them. Be sure to include a neighbor when you travel or are away from home for long periods of time. Leave a contact number with them so you can be reached in the event of a break-in.

Lights and Home Security: Reduce the odds of a break-in or robbery by making sure the exterior of your home has a couple of floodlights in the lawn. Don't give crooks lots of dark space and shadows they can use to break into your residence. Security systems are also much more affordable now than in the past. Once you have a crook on camera you have come a long way to helping them get caught by police.

Include Law Enforcement: When your neighborhood gets together for a cookout or a movie in the park be sure to remember to invite the police. Make them a part of your neighborhoods activities. Invite them to gatherings and give them a chance to offer crime prevention tips at neighborhood meetings or summertime get-togethers. They will be happy to provide tips and info.

Lock Up Valuables: Keep your home and vehicle locked at all times. Do not leave valuables out in plain sight. Draw your curtains and blinds at night so nobody gets a good look at your big screen TV.

Maintain Your Home & Lawn: A well-kept home and lawn sends a message to criminals know you care about your property and that they are not going to be allowed to get away with crime in your area.

Always Report Suspicious Activity: Speak up at the first sign of trouble or suspicious behavior. Tell your neighbors when you see something strange and keep everyone on the lookout together.

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