Back in the neighborhood that I grew up in, I can remember exactly where the police officers lived who shared the subdivision with us. Funny how we can be more observant as kids than in our later years.

In Killeen, a couple of youngsters decided to have a rap concert over the Labor Day weekend and they invited their friends, neighbors, and even the police officer who lived down the street.

The kids even provided their own homemade tickets to the show! What they didn't count on was half the shift from the Killeen Police Department decided to show up to watch the show!

We just wanted to send a shoutout to Killeen PD to say thanks for sharing this. We hear every bit of the bad news that can go on, so it's great to see the Officers just out enjoying the holiday weekend with the city's residents. No drama, just Texans enjoying a little free time.

It's very cool that the kids also saw the Policeman who lived on their street as a friend and neighbor who they could invite to their home. We need lots more of that. Thanks for all you do Killeen PD! Maybe these kiddos can be a part of the next lip sync battle video?

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