This is not supposed to happen in the winter time. A city request to conserve water.  Killeen is the city.  Stage one water conservation is the request.


I checked the press release twice to see if the date was right. It was, Feb 18, 2015.


Effective immediately, the city is asking residents to pay attention to how they are using water. In other words, stop being wasteful.


Stage 1 of the water conservation plan, is all voluntary. It should be pretty easy not to water the lawns or fill the swimming pools now.  The city has more ways you can conserve at


The reason for the water frugality is the low water levels at Lake Belton.


We better get a lot more rain if we expect to be back on the Party Pontoon this summer.


Most of the state has been in drought mode for the past three years.  We really need some of that Boston snow to help with the moisture around here.


We could use some of that Boston snow down here./Getty Images


They need some place to put it.  Do ya think they could haul it all down to Lake Belton?  Hey it's 2015, I am sure it is possible, but maybe too expensive.