Employees at a Whataburger in Killeen may have expected a slow start to their Sunday morning this past weekend, instead, they saw the store locked down after a gun scare according to a story shared by Brandon Hamilton with News 10.

Two people ended up in handcuffs after the incident at the Whataburger on Trimmier Road in Killeen just before 4:30 a.m. Sunday. When the cops arrived they were informed about two people sitting in a silver Hyundai Accent who showed employees a gun at the drive-thru window and would not leave.


Police spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez said in a press release that witnesses reported the driver had fallen asleep and the passenger could not wake him up. The first officers on the scene couldn't seem to get the driver to wake up either. So a Tactical Response Unit was sent out so that several officers could all yell at the driver to wake up and get out of the drive-thru.

A video said to have been posted to social media is supposed to show officers surrounding the car ordering the men out. After this went on for a while, the vehicle began to slowly roll northbound and came to rest along the curb. The two Whatadreamers got out of the vehicle and surrendered to police.

The cops found a weapon and some weed in the car. The witnesses inside the Whataburger had to wait a couple of additional hours before they could be let out. The names of the two men arrested have yet to be released at the time of publishing.



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