Toni Lashae Betts, 29, has been arrested  and charged with assault on a public servant and possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.

Police responded to a call of violent domestic disturbance on Alamo Avenue on Sunday. An officer heard screaming from the home. Betts was bleeding from the arm when she opened the door, and the officer could see broken glass.

A female child appeared to be crying and scared. She told officers that Betts and her uncle got into a fight which resulted in a broken fish tank. The glass cut Betts's arm.

Betts began struggling with officers, and yelled at the girl to not give police any more details.

Betts was placed in handcuffs before complaining that she needed to use the bathroom. In the bathroom, Betts tried to slam an officer in the door and hit the officer in the face with handcuffs. She remained in Bell County Jail Monday Night.