Could ANYTHING be tackier than Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower invitation?

Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower Invitation via Twitter

Please, don't even bother answering that question. I already know the answer and that answer is NO. And gets better or shall we say...worse?!?!

The "invitation" is a real life music box, complete with a Kim ballerina that spins around and if that wasn't bad enough, the box plays a lullaby version of her baby daddy Kanye West's 'Hey Mamma'.

Yes, really. Even I couldn't make something this tacky up. Listen below:

I guess I shouldn't begrudge Kim a nice baby shower. She is a mother to be and like any expectant mom, she deserves to have a day to feel special before the baby comes, I just can't understand why everything has to be so ridiculously over the top and obviously expensive. I bet the amount of money that was spend on these stupid invitations ALONE could feed an orphanage of needy children for a year. Oh wait, what am I thinking? I am sure these music boxes were all "traded" from the company that made them for publicity and mentions in all the tabloids. SHE TYPES SARCASTICALLY.

I wonder if Kim ever got back to returning those MILLIONS of dollars worth of wedding presents from her sham-publicity stunt marriage that lasted a whopping 72 days.