Kristen Kelly might not be classified as a country music diva just yet, but in her new video for her sophomore single 'He Loves to Make Me Cry,' she proves that she has the kind of powerhouse vocals that will make her a major star before too long.

The blonde-haired beauty keeps her wardrobe, hair and makeup simple in the clip, relying instead on her sheer talent to win over an audience. The video mostly features Kelly singing her heart out in front of an attentive audience in a beautiful, whimsical night club. However, black and white shots of Kelly and the man who loves to make her cry are interspersed to add an element of plot development.

In one shot, the tall, dark and handsome man shows up on her doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. It's clear that the country singer has a connection with him -- she holds him closely and kisses him several times. Before long, viewers realize that this guy isn't making Kelly cry bitter tears -- he's so sweet that she can't help but water at the eyes when he's around.

Before the video ends, the country singer and her man share a sweet slow dance and then retreat upstairs to make love. A quick scene change to the nightclub shows Kelly singing her heart out, obviously passionate about the man who has stolen her heart.

The video ends with the 'Ex-Old Man' hitmaker belting out one last powerful chorus, and the audience erupting in applause. If Kelly's vocals are always this impressive, this video is just a snapshot of the applause that awaits as her career proceeds.