The North American leg of Lady Antebellum's Wheels Up tour begins May 1 in Lubbock, Texas, and despite a recent bus scare, the group will bring family along for the ride, including 22-month-old Eisele and 7-month-old Cash.

Taste of Country caught up with the Lady A trio at their dress rehearsal, and even got a sneak peek of the stage design. Prepare for lots of lasers!

"We have a ton of signs around saying 'Danger! Lasers in Use,'" Hillary Scott says, while Charles Kelley warns: "Don't look directly at them."

"It's awesome," Scott adds. "We've been able to be planning this tour and the production for quite a few months. And to see it all in real time and real life and be on the stage finally, it's really exciting."

Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt won't be the only touring partners, however. Dave Haywood and Scott plan on bringing their kids on the road, too.

"Cash and Eisele just need to play together all the time in my opinion," Haywood reveals. 'They're really cute together, and it'll be a good summer for them to learn and grow. They develop so fast. I'm excited to see at the end of the tour where they are and the milestones they've hit by then."

Scott admits that when she was pregnant, she received advice on touring with children from Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman. "They were so helpful. I took a lot of what they told me, in the way the bus was designed and everything," she recalls. "The last tour, Eisele was with me the whole time, so she's a seasoned veteran on the road."

When asked if they are a bit nervous to go out on tour after the scary bus fire, Hillary says, "When you fall off a horse, you get back on."

Adds Haywood: "There you go. We're fired up to be out there."

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