Lee Brice reveals a touching tribute to his wife in his new video for 'I Don't Dance.'

This crowd-pleasing love song has recently been named country's hottest wedding song for its sweet and personal lyrics about how the best woman took Brice's "two left feet and waltzed away with my heart." The singer is, of course, talking about his wife Sara. And what better way to show off his love for her than to intersperse their very own wedding footage into the single's music video?

'I Don't Dance' is a sweet song about how love can change you, and Brice's honest vocal performance makes us believe it. For such a heartwarming track, the video could easily have fallen into a dozen different kitschy stereotypes about love, but somehow, it doesn't.

Maybe it has to do with how the video splices together two major milestones for the 'Hard to Love' singer -- his wedding to Sara, and performing at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. It seems that the Ryman let him have free and uninterrupted reign of their hallowed walls.

'I Don't Dance' is a scrapbook-style video focusing on two major events in Brice's personal and professional life. And even those who aren't fans of the award-winning singer have to admit -- it's pretty darn sweet.

Brice is currently the reigning king of powerful and personal country music. Along with 'I Don't Dance,' he recently picked up the ACM Song of the Year statuette for 'I Drive Your Truck' about a man mourning the death of his serviceman brother.