At 21 years old, I am still a proud fan of building with Lego products, putting me into a group fondly known as AFOL- Adult Fans of Lego. While many AFOL are able to put together some impressive creations- from more advanced kits to giant freeform sculptures- none of them quite compare to Smart Bricks.

A prototype by Kite Bricks, Smart Bricks are literal building blocks modeled on the famous toy. The blocks, made of concrete, are designed with raised knobs on top which fit into grooves in the bottom of another block. They are held together by adhesive and can be reinforced by steel bars (which is comforting news to anyone who has ever had a Lego creation destroyed by an ill-timed jerky movement or the antics of a household pet and knows just how fragile those connections can be.)

Other benefits of the blocks include thermal properties which could make them more energy efficient, as well as reducing building costs by allowing for faster construction.

Personally, I'll be moving into my very own Lego house as soon as I can, and decorating it with all of my own creations. I just hope Kite Bricks finds a way to allow customers to walk around barefoot- nothing hurts worse than stepping on a Lego!