Dude. Seriously?

Lenny Kravitz, walking off stage after his performance. Via YouTube.

Let me back up for a second.

I know we all asked ourselves what was Lenny Kravitz doing OPENING the CMT Awards, but since he was with Jason Aldean I think everyone gave him a pass.

I guess it really doesn't matter because it wasn't like it was a REAL awards show, it was just the make-believe CMT Awards...but when I saw that Lenny literally played LP on Saturday night in the middle of the CMAFest, it just made me shake my head. WHY DO WE NEED LENNY IN COUNTRY MUSIC?


I have no problem with Lenny. I am sure he is a swell dude and obviously a very talented musician, but this video of his performance PAINFUL to watch??!!!? Thanks to the magic of You Tube, we can all relive it together. I will let you decide for yourself, but I thought it was BRUTAL.

I saw a few people on Twitter that were at the show tweeting about how Lenny seemed annoyed that people weren't singing along during his songs and how he even flipped off the crowd when he left the stage, but I wasn't sure what to believe because non of the websites/blogs were talking about it. How could someone be that disrespectful to country music fans and it not hit the radar? It seems very odd to me.

A friend of mine was at the show and she sent me this video. You can watch for yourself.

The 'the two fingered-one finger salute' comes around the 14:40 mark. as Lenny is exiting the stage.

Did that just happen?

Really Len?  So much for letting love rule.

Peace out Lenny...

*Two middle fingers UP and back at you!*